Basic Equipment to Get You Going

Anything less than two hands and you're going to need an electric mixer but assuming you're still replete with both of those amazingly articulated opposable thumb thingies at the end of your arms, then the equipment you need to get started is easy:

  • A mixing bowl, any material, 28cm/4ltrs minimum, something with sentimental value being best, though not mandatory
  • Electronic scales ensure you're measuring right and thus the dough to be as it should.  Analogue scales and cheap plastic measuring jugs are responsible many many failed attempts at setting out on this beautiful, rewarding life-skill journey
  • The indispensable blue (or red) plastic scraper!  79p in my local catering shop (ok then, if I have to - and about £2 on Amazon if you don't want to go out and see anything or meet anybody).  You will actually wonder how you got this far in life without one, and perhaps fall into deep regret at the life you could've lived should you have come across it sooner... Unless you're a teenager and are simply rolling your eyes right now

There's plenty of other gear that you'll find super useful as you go, improving your experience in the kitchen no end, but these three simple, cheap and easy to pick up bits will get you off to a flying start.  

What are you waiting for?