The Artisan at Home is a micro bakery and breadmaking school in the heart of Hull, East Yorkshire.

Hi, I’m Patrick, and I’ve baking real bread at home since my mid-twenties (over half a lifetime ago!). It felt like an important thing to do – and, well, one thing leads to another doesn’t it (as you might well know) and in 2008 I opened The Feast Rising Bakery.

Breadmaking workshops have been an important part of the bakery’s offering since 2011 and many, many burgeoning bakers have gathered together around the large beech counter here, steeping themselves in this beautiful ancient craft, learning the age-old methods of properly made bread, equipping themselves with a fabulous life skill that will provide them and their loved ones with delicious sustenance and nourishment for evermore.

Many of our students have returned time and again to consolidate their learning and deepen their knowledge and skills as they take on the wonderful responsibility of baking their family’s bread needs, at last eschewing the modern industrial process that once seemed inescapable.

You can check out The Workshops here.

The bakery is open every Wednesday for freshly-baked real bread. You can find a full product list, monthly-changing Special’s Board and details of how to order for collection or delivery here.