As we move towards the Spring of 2021 I’m very much keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be resuming our breadmaking together – InPerson, no less! – at The Artisan at Home. Whilst I’ve held back from posting further dates for workshops until we’re more certain of the way forward, you can check out The Workshops here

If there’s one thing the pandemic has shown us is just how adaptable we humans are. I’ve found online learning a joy over the last year and so from my kitchen to your kitchen, ONLINE Breadmaking Workshops: everything you knead to know (which includes that you don’t need to knead, you know) about artisan bread in 3 hours, in the comfort of your own home. Just open up your laptop, prop up your iPad or phone and #letsbaketogether. Coming very Zoom.

As a resource for home bread bakers both aspiring and seasoned, I’ll be posting recipes, knowhow and videos here on this site from the beginning of May, beginning simply yet well, and then building towards increasing quality and complexity in the bread we can make at home. There’s just no end to the goodness we can manifest in those unassuming domestic ovens of ours!