Calendar of Courses for 2019/2020


Saturday 7th December  Sweet Sweet Dough 3 places available

Sunday 8th December  A Day of Italian Breads sold out 



Saturday 7th March  Breadmaking – the Fundamentals  sold out

Sunday 8th March  A Day of Italian Breads sold out

Saturday 28th March A Pizza Perfection – Wood-fired Artisan Pizza and more 6 places

Sunday 29th March  A Day of Italian Breads  3 places


Friday 17th April  A Pizza Perfection – Wood – fired artisan pizza and more  6 places

Saturday 18th April  Breadmaking – the Fundamentals  5 places

Sunday 19th April  Sweet Sweet Dough  7 places


Saturday 16th May  Breadmaking – the Fundamentals  3 places 

Sunday 17th May  A Day of Italian Breads  sold out


Saturday 20th June  Breadmaking – the Fundamentals  10 places

Sunday 21st June  Pizza to Pudding – a day of baking with the wood-fired oven  6 places

Saturday 27th June  La Boulangerie – A Feast of French Breads 6 places remaining