A Pizza Perfection

An authentic slice of Naples from your very own oven

It’s the quality of just a few simple ingredients that make the best pizza…. You’ll make an authentic olive oil and semolina dough, hand-stretching three pizza bases before topping your them to your taste. You’ll go on to bake them in three different ways – ensuring you find the best method for your oven at home – taking with you not only all you’ve baked but the knowledge, skills and recipes that’ll give you perfect pizzas every time.


To book a place on a workshop or for more information simply email or call Patrick: passionate.amateurs@gmail.com or 07860 808718. Or call in at the bakery to see us – we’ll be delighted to see you!
2018 Dates:
Friday 2nd February 1800-2130hrs  sold out
Friday 13th April  1800-2130hrs  sold out

Friday 8th June  1800-2130  4 places remaining

Venue: The Feast Rising Bakery, 23 Arthur Street, Hull, HU36BH

 Just £39-00

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