ONLINE Breadmaking Workshops

I’ve found online learning a joy over the last year and so from my kitchen to your kitchen, ONLINE Breadmaking Workshops: everything you knead to know (which includes that you don’t need to knead, you know) about artisan bread in 3 hours, in the comfort of your own home.

Just open up your laptop, prop up your iPad or phone and #letsbaketogether.

I’m beginning with a simple yet comprehensive 3hour online workshop, covering basic artisan principles as we bring together the dough, proof and shape and go onto bake.

Each workshop will be preceded by an e-Workbook so that you’ll have plenty of time to get your ingredients and the basic equipment together, and let you into what to expect during the workshop itself.

As the dough proves at each stage of the process there’ll be plenty of time for cups of tea, theory and questions.

Saturday mornings 1000-1300, Zooming into your kitchen.

And, of course, participation isn’t just limited to just yourself – get the kids involved or gather all your friends around your iPhone! Come and have some fun!

Cost: £20-00 Venue: your kitchen


OnLine Breadmaking Workshop

A 3hr artisan experience zoomed into your very own kitchen


MAY 2021

Saturday 22nd 1000-1300 SOLD OUT

JUNE 2021

Saturday 12th 1000-1300 SOLD OUT

Saturday 26th 1000-1300 SOLD OUT

JULY 2021

Saturday 17th 1000-1300 SOLD OUT

To book a place on a workshop or for more information simply email or call Patrick: or 07860 808718.

Or call in at the bakery to see us – we’ll be delighted to see you.