Sweet, Sweet Dough

From everyday sweet treats through luxurious indulgences to surprising savouries

The Feast Rising Bakery’s teacakes are legendary in the locale and as you become privilege to the recipe and begin to make your own dough, you’ll understand why….  Luxurious Chelsea buns come courtesy of Dan Lepard’s fabulous recipe from his book The Handmade Loaf, with a twist to make them our own….  And a versatile everyday enriched dough you can choose to keep sweet or marry with some tempting savoury fillings…

Working in a companionable, supportive environment of like-minded souls determined to take back control of their food’s provenance, you’ll be leaving us with – in addition to all you bake and the recipes from the day – the knowledge, skills and confidence to bake for your family and friends back home.

Breakfast, a delicious vegetarian lunch which we’ll make ourselves, refreshments and all ingredients are included in the cost of each workshop.

Suitable for…. Beginners and seasoned bakers alike, as are all our courses

Just £69-00

Venue: The Feast Rising Bakery, 23 Arthur Street, Hull, HU36BH

To book a place on a workshop or for more information simply email or call Patrick: passionate.amateurs@gmail.com or 07860 808718.  Or call in at the bakery to see us – we’ll be delighted to see you!


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