Bread Making – the Fundamentals

 Taking matters into your own hands

P1000937 (2)

Our one day, hands-on home breadmaking workshop – The Fundamentals – is suitable for complete novices and seasoned  home bakers alike, and uses the age-old methods we use at The Feast Rising Bakery.  From flour selection, through mixing and fermentation and on to the final bake, you’ll learn the principles and benefits of properly-made, additive-free bread, kneading, shaping and baking a beguiling range of English and continental breads.p1000937-2-e1483300388934.jpg
Working in a companionable, supportive environment of like-minded souls determined to take back control of their food’s provenance, you’ll be leaving us with – in addition to all you bake and the recipes from the day – the knowledge, skills and confidence to bake for your family and friends back home.
Breakfast, a delicious vegetarian lunch which we’ll make ourselves, refreshments and all ingredients are included in the cost of each workshop.

To book a place on a workshop or for more information simply email or call Patrick: or 07860 808718. Or call in at the bakery to see us – we’ll be delighted to see you.

Venue: The Feast Rising Bakery, 23 Arthur Street, Hull, HU36B

Duration: 0930-1730

Just £69 per person.  (The cost of not doing the course is, of course, in the long-term, inconceivably greater….)
And if you’d like a gift voucher for a loved one just let us know.

So, where do I go from here? The skills and knowhow you’ve learned today will allow you to open up any of the many great bread baking books available and approach any recipe with confidence. The Fundamentals is also the perfect springboard into our Italian, French and Sweet Sweet Dough courses, which will enhance and deepen all you have learned here..

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