Book of the Month #1


Ken Forkish

This book is beautiful, and I return to it time and again both as a reliable source of inspiration and simple good company.  His writing is wonderfully enthusiastic without being overwrought and you end up making bread.  Really good bread.

The content is both simple and compelling and reflects – in far greater depth – the basic theory with which I underpin all my courses here at the bakery and he doesn’t waste a word in his discourse on basic equipment and principles that lead on to the bit where we roll up our sleeves.

Simple, honest recipes lay the foundation for confidently working deeper into the book, though the only fundamental that changes throughout is the one ‘ingredient’ that artisan bakers everywhere pause and bow down to every time they mix their dough – the time given to fermentation and the lovely complexities and good qualities it brings to the bread we bake.

If you’ve ever eaten industrial bread and subsequently thought that you could probably do better (the answer is: Yes, easily) then it’s quite ridiculous that you haven’t got this book.