Book of the Month #2


The Elements of Pizza

Pizza oven not required: Ken gives us clear instructions to make perfect pizza in our own domestic oven

From the thin and crispy Neapolitan pizza we all know and love through the the paper-thin Roman and onto the deep-pan pies of New York and Chicago, Ken guides us with an infectious love that is impossible not to follow.

And what a journey it is as he explains clearly and precisely just how to set up our domestic oven in order to best emulate an authentic pizza oven, then getting busy with making an authentic dough.

Here at the bakery I long ago intuited that if I could get the dough right, the rest would follow, and that’s the case here in The Elements of Pizza as Forkish pays homage to subtle skills of the pizzaiolo, the master pizza makers of Naples and Rome whose influence has spread the world over.

Before Ken came into my life I never really rated deep-pan pizza but his New York pies baked on a pan sheet, the underside of the dough frying to golden on the oiled tray as a well-loaded topping oozes and sizzles above, has become a personal favourite… Hey, I’m only human.

If you want to know what makes authentic pizza, and then be able to crack-on confidently, turning them out in your own kitchen, this book will envelop you in the sacred art.