2018. Year of the Artisan (in your home)?



Just a quick post to say a big THANK YOU to all students of The Artisan at Home, past, present and future.  To those who have been, to those who return again and again, and to those who are imminent.

And so, as we emerge into a new year of aspirations for more meaningful and abundant lives may you continue to be inspired and increasingly empowered in a matter most important: what we ourselves and our loved ones are cooking and eating, and how that can imbue a sense of connectedness, of belonging.

It’s been a joy getting together with you all and baking some great bread.

May the coming year be peaceful and abundant.  (Order yourself an organic veg box. Buy yourself a hefty chopping board.  Pull in at the next farm shop you’re about to pass.)

With love, and in anticipation,


Ps  And perhaps it’s  time you started asking those big questions.  Like why didn’t you get a GIFT VOUCHER for Christmas….?


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