Hungry, yes. But for what?


peppers knife

Good food, like good sleep, is fundamental to our well-being.  I want to feel better?  Then I eat better.  I only get out what I put in, that’s for sure.  I am, indeed, what I eat.

The correlation between how we fuel ourselves and our subsequent performance is direct, unequivocal.

How is it then that we live in a state of perpetual confusion about food?  How is it we’ve slid into a seedy addiction of macro nutrients, salt and sugar satiating our desires in an otherwise nutritionally barren industrial foodscape?

The commodification of food by big business, its accompaniment of gaudy, insincere marketing, courts us so sweetly we know we’ll be loved forever, even after our complexion fades, our energy has left us, as we queue at the donut kiosk for one more fix.  Clearly, we do not love ourselves so much anymore.

It’s an affluent epoch for sure, and availed of such easy abundance our simple, reptilian survival mind is overwhelmingly confused, lost.

Food plays out various roles in our lives, depending upon our aspiration for it.

Ethically-sourced, local, organic ingredients become so much more than the sum of those parts when lovingly prepared, becoming a focus of communion that restores both body and spirit of all gathered around the table.  On a purely biological level, good food provides the body with all the nourishment needed, establishing a natural vitality that is actual momentum for living fully.  In simply satiating a hunger, good food is a bedrock for life that we can almost take for granted with peace of mind.

As for industrial food, how can I even ascribe it the simple eloquence that it satiates hunger?  It just fills me up… with its leaden, nutritionally-barren inertia.

Of course, many around the globe aren’t so fortunate.  Anything will do when staving off starvation.  And it’s with a wider world in mind that I come into the kitchen, striving for humility and moderation, aware for the need of an invigorated equilibrium within and to strike an empathic balance without.

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