Am I bovered? Part 1

So, making real bread is easy.

How did we ever doubt it?

Humans, immensely adaptable as we are, can turn our hand to anything out of necessity.  But there you have it: until something becomes imperative to survival, why should we?

The hows of bread making, so easily assimilated into our untapped incredible human potential, aren’t enough in themselves to shift us.

Only in coming to understand the whys will we be galvanized into reclaiming life.

And whilst artisan bread making alone can’t reconfigure society towards a richer, increasingly rewarding experience, it has its part to play as a current resurgence of free-thinking  entrepreneurial artisans respond to the collective intuition that, Actually, when I stop and think about it, I’ve got a bad feeling in my guts about this.

If we nurture this intuition, encourage it from the depths of ourselves and bring it to the fore,  we’ll find “why should we?” transcended by the imperative: “What can I do about this?”


The 21st century West, and conditions for living are good for most.  And continually courted by the insincerities of big business and its mesmerizing output, well, perhaps we’ve been made to feel special.

Naturally, we settle into a catatonic complacency.

It’s not our fault: it’s simply how we’re wired.  Availed of such abundance, the survival instinct is inevitably reconfigured.  We’re like a big cat lifted from the savannah and dropped into an abattoir.  Our sense of urgency for Life… has vanished.

But we’re creative beings, and each of us has something unique to bring to the collective experience.  The wee voice inside that quietly admonishes such free expression – well, that’s not me really – is simply what we’ve been led to believe in.  Only when we allow ourselves to cultivate the deeper stirrings of our heart will they begin to manifest as an expression of our creativity.

And so we begin to manifest, from the heart, a perfect world in microcosm.  (In this case, one loaf at a time.)

Collectively, we lead ourselves into a perfect world in macrocosm.

I know you feel it.

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