10 Things You Really Knead to Know About Bread Making

Kneading-Bread jpg

Making real bread is easy.

Real easy.

Nothing more than a loose union of 4 simple ingredients – flour, water, yeast and salt – and yet it never fails to amaze what we can create with this, the simplest of recipes.

Like many crafts though breadmaking can seem shrouded in mystery, at once alluring (for all the right reasons) yet unapproachable (to but a brave few, willing to plough relentlessly on through their failures).P1010035

10 Things You Really Knead to Know About Breadmaking will lift the veil of mystery, bringing an understanding to your breadmaking endeavours that deepens with each bake, honing skills every time they’re used, revealing the artisan within each of us.  Over the forthcoming weeks we’ll discover:

  • The best catalyst for any journey is found in the Why…’  Once we understand this, that journey becomes irresistible…
  • The best journeys we make are those for which we create Space and Time in which to properly indulge the experience
  • The best experience is made better when we allow ourselves some simple, essential Equipment and…
  • The best local Ingredients we can lay our hands on.  How to source them, what to expect
  • Bread’s best-kept secret… Revealed!  The 3 Factors that determine the bread you’re making and how your life will never be the same again (and how you’ve got this far without knowing it)
  • Biggest isn’t always (and hardly ever) best.  Understanding Gluten and why size isn’t important
  • Ever-better bread, and the addition of a magic 5th ingredient: Time.  Is it nurture or Nature?  Giving your dough time for Fermentation (without it taking your time)
  • Best practice… Like riding a bike, you don’t forget skills-for-life once you’ve mastered them.  Shaping and Moulding your dough
  • The best bread you’ll ever taste, in your very kitchen!  It’s all in The Baking 
  • The best of 1 to 9 above, in the shortest breadmaking course you’ll find.  Let’s Get Baking!

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